How are Guava leaves beneficial to your hair?

Guava is an exotic fruit that is native to countries found in South and Central America. Many people are only aware of the health benefits derived from the guava fruit. However, guava leaves also have a lot of health benefits to hair. The leaves are rich in vitamin B that is essential for healthy and fast growing hair. The nutrients found in guava leaves also strengthen the hair follicles and roots. The leaves have vitamin B2 that is responsible for repairing damaged hair follicles and encouraging hair growth. Other essential nutrients that can be found in guava leaves include vitamin A, C, dietary fiber, and lycopene. In this article, you will learn the various ways guava leaves can be beneficial to your hair.

1. Guava leaves are the best natural hair straightener

Straight hair is the latest trend in the beauty industry. Several commercial hair products are available in the market that can change the texture of your hair. However, these products are full of drawbacks regarding affordability and side effects. The best way to straighten your hair is by using natural remedies. Guava leaves have been shown to give rise to shiny and straight hair without any side effects.

2. Hair fall control

Falling hair can result from harmful ingredients that are found in traditional hair products. Stress and poor eating habits are also associated with falling hair. Guava leaves are capable of strengthening the hair follicles to give rise to healthy and thick hair. The hair will be able to stick to the scalp without falling.

3. Guava leaves can be used to cure baldness

Premature baldness is a major problem that has affected most individuals. Guava leaves are the best natural remedy for treating hair fall and hair loss. Studies have revealed that the home remedy is capable of preventing and curing hair loss.

4. Hair loss treatment

Hair loss is a health problem that can be caused by several factors including stress and poor dieting. Individuals affected by hair loss usually have a low self-esteem and self-confidence. The most common remedy for hair loss treatment includes hair products and salon treatments. However, the most affordable and efficient hair loss home remedy is guava leaves.

5. Guava leaves improve the health of the hair follicle

Massaging a preparation of guava leaves into your scalp has been shown to improve blood circulation and provide the follicles with more nutrition. The result will be a healthy hair growth. The home remedy also gets rid of dirt and grime from the hair, unclogging the follicles in the process. The process prevents the hair oiliness and dandruff.


Several research studies have proven the health benefits that are associated with guava leaves. The home remedy is an excellent solution for controlling hair loss and hair fall. The scalp should regularly be massaged with the guava leaves’ water to strengthen the hair roots and improve blood circulation in the scalp. The guava leaves water remedy will enhance your hair roots leaving you with shiny and healthy hair. Besides its benefits to the hair, guava leaves are also associated with other health benefits such as boosting weight loss, an anticancer agent and lowering cholesterol levels in the body among others.

The Mediterranean Diet – An Overview

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A lot of people want to know more about the Mediterranean diet these days. They need to follow a healthier diet, and they are turning their attention to this famous diet. We are going to talk a little bit about the Mediterranean diet and the things this diet has in store for you. So read on to find out even more about this.

This amazing diet has tons of benefits for you, as the diet will allow you to lower your bad cholesterol level over time, which is very important for anyone out there. You will also reduce your risk of cardiovascular mortality. The Mediterranean diet has also been strongly associated with reduced incidence of Alzheimer, Parkinson, and other diseases including cancer. If you consume the Mediterranean diet along with mixed nuts and virgin olive oil, you can reduce your risk of breast cancer too. Many health associations recommend the Mediterranean diet these days because this diet has tons of health benefits.

Important Components

You will be eating nuts, legumes, whole grains, veggies, and fruits. You will also need to replace butter with canola oil, olive oil, and many other healthy fats. The diet also limits the consumption of red meat to a few times each month. Enjoying meals with friends and family members is encouraged in this diet as well. Exercise is also included in the Mediterranean diet, and you will have to drink red wine from time to time as well. Poultry and fish will be allowed, but you will consume this food just twice per week.


The Mediterranean diet became famous in the 1960s, where people began to take notice of the food patterns that are typical in southern Italy and Greece. Ancel and Margaret Keys published the first work on the Mediterranean diet in 1975, but it did not get a lot of attention from the media. The first publication that demonstrated with objective data that the Mediterranean diet is helpful was published in 1970 by some research studies in Madrid and Naples.
Some Issues

The FAO said in a recent study that this diet has been undermined by food waste, misuse of natural resources, and a slow-leaching of the important traditional know-how. The famous diet of Italy has also been eroded by changing social demographics, economic crisis, and climate change. Soil erosion, degradation, and land loss have also added a lot of pressure on the Mediterranean diet these days as well.

You also need to remember that science truly loves the Mediterranean diet. You must also remember that the Mediterranean diet has tons of fat that are good for you. This type of fat is present in the olive oil and nuts. The Mediterranean diet will allow you to use a delicious, healthy way of eating that can help you to live better over time.

As you can see, this outstanding diet is here to stay for a long time. You will manage to do get a healthier life if you use the famous Mediterranean diet these days. You don’t have to avoid your favorite food, and the Mediterranean diet has been specially designed to make you happy as well. So what are you waiting for? Use the Mediterranean diet today and have fun now.

7 Delicious Ways to Upgrade Your Smoothies Anytime

Smoothies are a delicious way of enjoying a healthy breakfast of snack in an easy manner. They contain a broad range of nutrients, antioxidants that are required by the body. Smoothies also allow you explore and experiment with new fruits and vegetables which are healthy for your body. This brief overview looks into some deliciously game-changing recipes that will enhance the taste of your smoothie and add more nutrients to the body.

7 Delicious Ways to Upgrade Your Smoothies Anytime

· Use different liquids- You can improve the flavor and nutrient quotient of your smoothie by switching water and milk for almond milk and coconut water. Both almond milk and coconut water have a sweet flavor that will change the taste of your smooth and give you tremendous health benefits. You can also use green tea in making the spinach-avocado smoothie and add grapefruits for that aromatic taste. Green tea also has healthy antioxidants.

· Freeze the fruits- Use frozen fruits in preparing a smoothie. Frozen fruits are creamy especially bananas when blended. Adding frozen grapes makes the smoothie delicious especially when used in making peanut butter and grapefruit smoothie.

· Texturize it- Giving your smoothie a different texture by adding grains will break the monotony. You can add seeds to the smoothie to transform it into a gel-like substance. You can soak the seeds earlier to make them break and add more nutrients to your smoothie. The much liked Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Smoothie is especially delicious and fine textured when bulked up with oats toppings to make a classic smoothie.

· Blend in some vegetables- Adding a vegetable to your mix is one of the best ways take the daily servings without noticing. The Blueberry-Beet Smoothie with Coconut Water is exceptionally high with grated beets

· Caffeinate it- You can add a little coffee or tea in your breakfast smoothie. You can get all the nutrients in the smoothie, and stiff enjoy your caffeine in one cup of smoothies.

· Add Nuts- You can use a high powered blender to crush almonds, cashew nuts or peanuts into your smoothie. Peanut butter gives your smoothie a unique taste and makes the smoothie creamy while also adding nutrients.

· Add Greek Yogurt- Greek yogurt is thick with a creamy texture and high protein content. You can add Greek yogurt to a mango smoothie for that natural ally delicious smoothie.

· Add Cottage Cheese- Cottage cheese develops a smooth texture once blended in with fruits and vegetables. It is also packed with high levels of protein giving your daily serving.

Smoothies make the perfect drink to incorporate different fruits and flavorings. You can drink a different smoothie every morning and get to benefit from a wide variety of nutrients contained in the fruits. However, taking the smoothie can be monotonous making the addition of a different texture, flavor or cream refreshing. Adding the above ingredients is a wise way of enjoying delicious smoothies full of nutrients in a different style each day. Make an informed decision to change the texture, the flavor of your smoothie and enjoy a unique and delicious smoothie all the time.

10 Secrets to Cooking Healthier

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In the event that your eating habits are like those of most Americans and you are searching for the least difficult guidance, it is advisable to eat more vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. However, in case you’re prepared for slightly more direction, these 10 standards of healthy cooking will kick you off. Also, always try to eat oil less fried food which can be achieved by using the best deep fryer.

1. Discard whole eggs

Twelve eggs are somewhat cheap, costing about $2. Rather than utilizing whole eggs as a part of recipes, Simply utilize the whites. One egg yolk contains fifty-five calories and just about five grams of fat. However, the white contains only seventeen calories, virtually no fat & around four grams of protein. Utilize 2 egg whites to replace one whole egg in recipes.

2. Restrict red meat

While red meat is an incredible source of protein, it’s full of saturated fat which gradually breaks down your health. Red meat is likewise expensive, particularly in the event that you like top notch steaks or hamburger. Pick lean chicken and fish.

3. Think color

Cooking doesn’t need to challenge each night. Add color to your plate by sautéing or grilling vegetables. Every veggie conveys a different flavor to the creation, and your alternatives are practically unending. Most loved mixes incorporate onions, mushrooms & red peppers; broccoli & garlic; tomatoes, cucumbers & red onion; and squash, zucchini & yellow peppers.

4. Watch the oils

While olive oil and sesame oil are healthier other options to vegetable oil, it doesn’t mean you can eat boundless amounts. Utilize the minimum sum you can, every single time you cook. While sautéing veggies, for instance, a little oil goes far. Vegetables normally contain water that, when cooked, gives them a fresh, completed flavor. A little oil is important to keep your food from sticking to your pan however dependably utilize little amounts.

5. Learn how to season

The greater part of the flavor exists in the flavoring. In the event that you can learn how to season your suppers well, you’ll generally eat well. Attempt to keep away from salt, as sodium can prompt to hypertension and bloating. Mrs. Dash sans salt- free seasonings is tasty & affordable.

6. Trim the fat

In the wake of browning ground meat, deplete the fat with a strainer. With chicken or steaks, cut the fat off in the wake of cooking. In the event that you trim the fat before cooking, you’ll lose valuable juices and relinquish flavor.

7. Include veggies

Veggies are extraordinary for replacing carbs. Make your pizzas with a thin outside, simple on the cheddar and include heaps of veggies. Substitute some pasta for additional veggies. Stuff your sandwiches loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts & avocado to top you off. Utilize spaghetti squash instead of consistent spaghetti.

8. Remove sauces

A super simple approach to eating healthier is by wiping out condiments. Of course, a sandwich might be a touch drier without the mayo, yet you’ll spare yourself 150 calories with every sandwich. Remove ranch dressing from your eating routine, utilize ketchup insignificantly, go simple on the cheddar, stay away from maple syrups and utilize salsa as a plunge rather than those cream-based ones.

9. Snack wisely

In the wake of picking up a couple pounds, you will figure out how to nibble more intelligently. You will have healthy foods available rather than garbage, you should pre-slice fruits every week for simple access when you get the desire to chomp, and you will have smoothie fixings close by rather than milkshake fixings.

10. Find healthy recipes

The best trick to cooking healthy is utilizing healthy recipes. Locate a couple of sites that you like for good dinners. Some of the top choices are Cooking Light and Eating Well.


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One of the best first move towards losing your calorie is eating clean which do not have to be complicated or unmaneagable.With this in our mind,we take this time just to show you how this one –day meal plan is very perfect example of just how ideal and fundamental is the simple clean-eating can be.The daily meal we are discussing here are foods which are very free from additives and also long list of ingredients.It is a meal full of real foods such as the fresh vegetables,whole grains and dairy.It is a quick ,clean and very satisfying wholesome meal plan that will help you have a healthy and successful day too.This is what it entails.

Breakfast (341 calories)

For this purpose,take oatmeal together with fruit nuts:In preparing this meal,you shoul follow this;cook � crater out -of –date oats in a 1 crater slick milk.You should then top it with a ¼ of crater apple which is chopped,1/4 of crater nonfat of plain Greek yoghurt and also addition of one tablespoon of walnuts.

For the A.M Snacks (131 calories)

When you want to take this meal ,the right food you should take is just a quarter cup of spiced chickpea “Nuts”.

In Lunch (583 calories)

After starting the day well with its recommended meals,the lunchtime then arrives with another delicious meal that will really work best for this day plan.This include the Tomato-Tuna Panini that is dried by sun and this is how it is prepared just to have the best out of it for your midday ;You have to combine � can chunk-light tuna in the water,emptied( �) together with a 4 finely sun-dried tomatoes which is chopped.Have also 1 tablespoon mayonnaise and a splash of salt.After having these,spread on 1 cut sprouted whole-wheat bread,tip it with ¼ crater (1 oz.) shredded uninformed mozzarella together with another cut of bread.When you have gotten all these,the next step you have to take too is to brush bread with 2 tea spoon of olive oil.Finally,you can now cook this in a Panini builder or you can cook it in a tiny skillet over just a medium heat.

For the P.M Snacks (240 calories)

The day is moving good so far and we finally reach the time for the P.M snacks.This just involve a simple meal containing the following; a one –inch cube of sharp cheddar cheese(1/2 oz.),26 unsalted almond which is roasted.And finally to make this meal ideal and complete,you should also add � cup of grape tomatoes.This will give you a satisfaction of a very simple but delicious meal.

In Dinner (240 calories)

After having the enjoyable successful meals of the day ,the dinner then comes closer as the last step to fully complete our one day ,clean ,1,800-calorie meal plan.In this our final meal,we must bear in mind that our cooking is 473 calories.Having hunger for some wine?,you can swap out just a rice of portion in order to help you keep the calories about the same amount.

Having a look at this article ,this is a very simple but effective meal plan that will really help you in having a day of clean 1,800 calorie.We therefore advise that if you really want to achieve this,we have presented to you a highly recommended meal plan to help you successfully attain this goal.